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Holiday Cottage Houses in Molivos, Lesvos island, Greece

Mithymna or Molivos lies at the NE end of Lesvos island, Greece and is third in size after the islands of Crete and Evia. This beautiful, traditional and preserved settlement is 64 Klm away from Mitylene, the capital of Lesvos and is an enchanting place.
Taking the last turn of the main road from Mitylene, Molivos appears suddenly in front of you crowned with its magnificent medieval castle and its stone built houses cascading down the slope of the hill towards the picturesque port leaving you breathless with a sensation of pure aweWeather conditions in MOONGARDEN Village | Forecast overtaking you at the sight of its immense beauty. Here, at the entrance of this unique traditional settlement stands the brand new cottage complex MOONGARDEN Village.

In her grandfather’s old threshing floor, where she used to spend most of her childhood summers looking at the full moon rising behind the mountains, Mirto and her husband George decided to create their ideal holiday resort. Their love for earth and its natural beauties as well as their need to live and derive great pleasure from it prompt them to create stone built individual cottages with respect to the surrounding natural environment.
The exquisite view to the traditional settlement of Molivos and its imposing Castle, the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, the reflections created by the midday light, the cicada songs, the cool shade of the olive grove and a vine arbor, the scents and colours of flowers and herbs, a vegetable garden, a playground and a barbeque patio for days or nights of wining and dining in good company are some of the reasons you’ll find MOONGARDEN Village an irresistible choice for your vacation... more >

MOONGARDEN Cottage Houses

It has a magnificent view towards the mountains, the olive groves, Molivos and it Byzantine castle. It has a spacious veranda with wooden furniture....
The apartment has two verandas, the first one at its entrance with comfortable wooden furniture and a wonderful view at Molivos Castle and the Aegean blue...
The romantic bedroom will give you moments of relaxation with the comfortable canopied iron bed and draperies in the color the blue of the sea....
The apartment has a spacious living room with beautiful wooden furniture in the color of walnut and a comfortable wooden sofa that can easily be converted into...
Stone is the material that predominates both outside and inside the house. The apartment has a spacious living room with beautiful wooden furniture...


Att.: Mrs Myrto Tata
Molivos TK-81108, Lesvos Island, Greece

Tel: +30-22530-72170, -71364 & 71655 Mob.: +30-6977363563, Fax: +30-22530-71227
E-mail: info@moongardenvillage.com, URL: www.moongardenvillage.com  

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